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Am I required to make my reservations through this site?

Most events do require out of area attendees to reserve their rooms through this site as a condition of participation in the event.If your event requires this, it will be listed on the event page. Audits are performed and if a team traveling from out of town has not made a reservation in the tournament hotel reservation site, the team will be disqualified without a refund of registration fees.

If you have any questions, please contact your tournament director.


What if my team reserves rooms directly with a hotel instead of using the tournament hotel reservation site?

The tournaments require all out-of-town teams to use this tournament hotel reservation site.


As the Team Manager, I set up a block of rooms for my team. How do my team members find out about the block I set up?

After the team manager makes their block, each team manager will receive a group code and simple email instructions to forward to each of the team members.


Can I guarantee my whole team’s reservation on my own card?

Yes, but if there is a deposit required, your card will be charged for the deposit for all the rooms, and your card will stay on all reservations until arrival.


I am the contact person for our team. Can I check the status of our group(s) rooming list online?

Absolutely, just log into your account and pan down to My Blocks. If you click View Details of each block you will see all the team members who have made reservations.


Why is my credit card needed to make a reservation and when is it charged?

The tournament hotel reservation site requires a credit card to hold the reservation only. A hotel may charge one night's room and tax 21 days before the check-in date as a deposit.


Is my credit card secure?

Yes, this site utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection at 256 bit encryption, the highest level of encryption.We also maintain a PCI Compliant web site, which is the government standard on the payment card industry.


Why don't I receive a confirmation number when I reserve my hotel room on the tournament hotel reservation site?

When your reservation is made using the tournament hotel reservation site you will see a confirmation page that states you have successfully made your reservation. You will not receive an actual confirmation number. The confirmation numbers will come directly from the hotels once the reservations are sent to the hotels.


When will I receive my confirmation numbers from my hotel?

You will receive the confirmation numbers within a week following the cutoff date for the event. This is different than the release date for your team to complete reservations. Please check your email and the hotel cancellation policy for the specific date for your event.


I received an e-mail that my team was accepted, what if I don't see my team name listed on the drop down menu on the tournament reservation site?

Please contact the tournament hotel reservation site managers using the contact information at the bottom of the FAQ page.


Is it possible to get a different room type than the one I have?

Possibly. We work to provide the best selection of rooms that we can upfront. But if you do need a different room type please contact us.


What if we lose? Can we check out of the hotel without penalty?

**In double elimination tournaments, teams that are eliminated before the final day of play in the event can leave after they finish playing under these conditions:  If you finish your elimination game prior to normal check out, then you can leave without penalty even if your reservation was for more days. If you finish your elimination game after normal check out time, plan on staying that night. However, your hotel may be able to work with you on the check out time but it is not not guaranteed. Communication with the hotel is essential once you arrive regarding this situation.**

For additional information please contact the tournament hotel reservation site manager:


Email: admin@ctmeetings-housing.org